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For the last few years, the Mooresville Graded School System has embarked on a transition to a new type of teaching.  What’s new is the integration of personal computers into the everyday educational instruction of all students.  Every student from 4th grade on is issued a leased Apple laptop computer to use in their daily classwork and homework.  Students as young as Kindergarteners are also benefiting from the use of computers in their classrooms. Although it’s been tough for some teachers to adapt to this change, it appears to be getting the desired results, and Mooresville schools are much admired by other school systems around the country. There is a steady flow of visitors from school systems near and far who want to see what the Mooresville system is doing and how it’s working out.  All this activity using computers in Mooresville Schools was recently featured in an Education Week article which can be seen HERE.  The high praise seems to be borne out by another recent announcement in the Mooresville Tribune.  Mooresville schools received recognition for advances both in end of grade testing proficiency and in graduation rate.  See that article HERE.

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