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I recently spent a couple of hours near my hummingbird feeder watching the little guys fuss over the three feeding stations.  I don’t know why they fight since there are usually no more than three hanging around at a time, but they sure do.  Must be something about one of them being dominant.  They’ll dive on each other and make their little squawks, fussing at each other.  It’s funny to see something so little be so aggressive.  I guess eventually everybody gets enough since they keep coming back every day.

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I’m sitting on my screened porch resting after doing some spring yard work.  While sitting there enjoying the breeze, I hear the familiar sound of a hummingbird coming to feed at our feeder hanging from the corner of the porch.  I’ve been fascinated by these little critters for years and have had a variety of feeders, but last year my bride gave me a really nice one for my birthday, and we really enjoyed the show it attracted from the birds all summer.  This is the earliest I’ve ever put a feeder out, but I’d read that the little guys actually start migrating north very early in the spring.  So, if you put a feeder out early, the first birds you attract may just be stopping off for a meal on their way further north, but you are at least helping them on their way.  Later, you’ll attract birds that come back to your area each year and stay all summer until sometime in the fall.

In the middle of summer, if you keep an eye on a feeder, you’ll see the tiny little birds come back to the feeder every few minutes.  There will be several, and one will be dominant and will try to run off the others trying to feed, even if your feeder, like mine, has multiple feeding stations.  Oh, well, that’s life- there are greedy critters out there in the world regardless if they travel by wing, four legs or two.196656256_f2016b728b (2)

Several years ago, I discovered a hummingbird in my garage.  I think it was attracted by something red in there.  The problem was that the little guy couldn’t figure out how to get out.  Long story short, while trying to help him find his way out, he got caught up in some spider web in the corner of the garage and fell to the floor.  Fortunately, I was there to see it and actually got to pick him up and remove the spider webs in order to release him.  What a kick to hold that little bird in my hand! 

So, get a feeder, read up on feeding them (it’s just sugar water), and put the feeder(s) where you can watch them.  You’ll be amazed at how they do their thing!

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