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The folks who are developing the previously announced America’s Park youth baseball facility between Troutman and Mooresville have recently announced that the target date for startup will have to be moved from summer of 2012 to summer of 2013.  This is due to the extended length of time it has taken to get all the needed grants and permits in place.  See the article from a recent Mooresville Tribune HERE.

I don’t think many are surprised that the park would take longer than originally projected to be completed.  There seems to be some kind of natural law involved with the timing of large projects like this.  I can think of very few similar projects over the years that have not been delayed versus the original schedule.

I guess it’s hard to calculate the “stuff happens” factor in building such a schedule.  But still, it’s worth the wait for a project that supposedly will generate $30,000,000 per year in local revenue.  Hopefully whoever estimated that is more accurate that whoever estimated the original schedule.

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