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Recently I drove by one of my favorite trees (what, you don’t have favorite trees?) and had to stop long enough to take a few photos. I was happily coming home after meeting clients to write an offer to buy a house for them, but this tree stopped me in my tracks.  The tree is in the yard of the Mooresville High School Magnolia Street campus, and every fall it just knocks my socks off with the depth of color it presents.  I drive by there almost everyday, and I noticed less than a week later that after some wind and rain, it was almost totally empty of leaves.  Big surprise?  No.  Just a confirmation of the fall version of being sure to stop and smell the roses while you can.  There are a lot of special things- sights, experiences, etc. that last but a short while.  Yet in that short while, you can collect some great memories that last a lifetime.  I guess it’s a sign of advancing age when one starts to reflect on those things, but here I am, and I’m trying to take a few moments from time to time to enjoy the beautiful leaves, smell the roses, hug my wife, and all those other little things that make for great memories.

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