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We’ve just gone through a season that for many of us produced lots of opportunities to grow some impressive colonies of mold.  I have quite a collection myself around my house, and as I have for many years, I’ll have to dedicate some time to clean it off the exterior of the house.  Recent heavy rains overwhelmed my gutters and downspouts and deposited quite a bit of water in my crawlspace, making me have a new concern for mold growth there.  I’m also getting ready to close on a house purchase for one of my clients that required considerable work in sealing up the front porch area which when built did not take proper precautions for keeping water out of the crawlspace.  When inspected, the area in the crawlspace was soaking wet.  It took several thousands of dollars to get those problems resolved.

With all that on my mind, I was glad to hear a discussion about mold on Mike Collins’ Charlotte Talks radio program yesterday.  On the program, Mike had a couple of experts in the field talk about whether or not we should be concerned about different kinds of mold, and also about how to get rid of the nasty stuff.  They referenced a web site that is particularly useful on the subject- www.epa.gov/mold/.  At the end, he even had a surprise caller who is also expert in building design call in to talk about the value of sealed crawlspaces.  If you have any questions about mold around your house, it’s worth a listen.

You can hear the entire program by clicking HERE.

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