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Last Saturday night, my bride and I had the pleasure of attending a sneak peek at the new Epic Chophouse in downtown Mooresville.  For several years, this space was Soiree Restaurant, and we have a soft spot for it since we had our daughter’s (Kathryn) wedding reception there four years ago.  I’ve always been a big fan and supporter of businesses in downtown Mooresville, and Soiree was a great leap for the downtown area.  It successfully brought people to the downtown area who might otherwise never have visited that part of Mooresville.  I think that we now have several other interesting restaurants and active businesses in the downtown area in part because of the influence of Soiree.  Unfortunately, the owners of Soiree, including chef Jon Spencer, just couldn’t generate enough business to stay open under their business model with the downturn of the economy.

Fortunately, a new group of owners has come forward, including one of the principles of Huntersville’s Mickey and Mooch Restaurant, to open a new restaurant with a modified business plan focused on fine food at great value.  They retain Jon Spencer as chef, but now Jon can concentrate on great cooking and leave the bean counting to others.

The event Saturday night provided a great kickoff with excellent food and beverage for the visitors and a promise of the opening tonight to begin the EPIC era of great dining seven nights a week.  HERE is a recent Mooresville Tribune article and HERE is another from The Charlotte Observer with more background.

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