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My friend, Janet Harriman, recently told me about some local folks who are doing great things toward helping us live more lightly on this old Earth.  A couple of years ago Iredell residents Drude and Angelina Corbet designed and built a home in New Hope township in north Iredell that’s highly efficient in the use of materials and energy- a “green” home.  They are using the home as a demonstration of the idea that such a home can be built in a way that is economical and appealing to the average home buyer.  They have formed The Mobius Company to help advance their ideas and help others build what they refer to as the Mean Lean Dream Green Home.  New home building is just starting to show signs of life again after the economic downturn.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could reset our expectations to include the idea that good quality, affordable new homes can be built this way instead of the old paradigm that such homes require a premium price and a long payback period.

The Corbets should get a nice boost to their goals tonight because they’ll be a part of a WBTV program called “Going Green” at 8:00PM.  It looks to offer lots of advice on changing lifestyles to ensure that we don’t make a mess of our home- an idea that really appeals to me since I’d like to leave this place better that I found it.  See more about this special HERE, and tune in tonight.

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